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In-Person Services

Due to COVID-19 the Library's full building and services are not yet available. Please see below for the available service options. Please be aware that these services may change based on guidance from local, county, state and federal officials. Please check this page before visiting or call 908-757-1111 x112 for up-to-date information.

Masks must be worn by patrons and staff at all times while in the Library. Individuals that refuse to wear a mask will not be allowed in the building and patrons will be asked to leave if they do not wear their mask appropriately.

The main floor seating areas and the study rooms are NOT AVAILABLE at this time.

Current Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 9AM-9PM
  • Friday: 9AM-5PM
  • Saturday: 11AM-3PM
  • Sunday: CLOSED

Please see our hours page for scheduled closings. Please see below for individual service options. If you have questions as to what services a specific department is providing please reach out to them directly as service options vary.

Computer Use

The public computers are available for use by individuals ages 14+ for up to two hours per person, per day. Computer use is strictly one person per station, no sharing or cooperative work is currently allowed. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed at the main floor public computers at this time.

Computer assistance will be VERY LIMITED and via remote methods only.

  • Computer Use: stations are available for a maximum of two hours per person per day.
  • Printing: 2 free B&W pages, Additional pages are $0.20/pp for B&W and $0.40/pp color. Curbside printing is no longer available.

Copying, Faxing, and Scanning

Use of the copier, scanner, and fax-machine is also available on a first-come, first-served basis. If the equipment you need is in use, please wait outside the building until the equipment is available.

In-person services are SELF-SERVICE ONLY. Staff will not be able to provide hands-on assistance.

  • Copying: $0.10 for B&W, $0.30/pp for Color. The copiers accept coins and small bills ($1 & $5).
  • Faxing: Normal Fax Rates apply. Debit/Credit only, pre-paid cards will be available for purchase after June 21, 2021.
  • Scanning: FREE (copyright rules must be obeyed).

Materials Access

The Library's full collection is now open for browsing and checkout via self-check machines or at the Circulation Desk. Curbside Service will still be available for those interested in using that service option.

Returns can be placed in the bookdrop outside or processed via the self-check machine at the Circulation Desk and placed in the slot.

Adult Literacy

The Literacy Department is open for walk-ins on Mondays from 9AM-5PM.

All other days Literacy is available by appointment only. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact or call 908-757-1111 x122 for GED services, x121 for ESL/Citizenship, or x123 for Digital Literacy.

Children's Library

The Children's Library is open to walk-in traffic with a maximum of 18 people in the room at one time. Visitors are asked to limit their browsing of the collections to 30 minutes per day. The Children's Library will close 15 minutes before the Main Library building.

Public computers in Children's are available for up to two hours of use per person per day with a maximum of six stations in use at one time. Limited seating areas will be available for siblings and caregivers of children using the computers and the collection.

Children under 10 years of age will need an adult with them while visiting the library. Children ages 10 and over can visit the Children's Library alone but will be expected to follow the Library's rules.

Circulation & Reference

The Circulation and Reference desks are fully staffed during the Library's regular service hours.

The Circulation Desk is providing full service, including monetary transactions and will continue to provide Curbside Service for material delivery. Please call 908-757-1111 x111 for information.

The Reference Desk is providing in-person service in addition to their phone, email, and online assistance (via chat). Please call 908-757-1111 x112 for assistance or click on the blue box at the bottom of this web page for our online chat service or to leave a message during off-hours.

Local History

The Local History Department will continue to require appointments for materials access and computer use in the Plainfield Room. Appointments will also be available for limited evening hours. Please call 908-757-1111 x136 for more information and to make an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a mask while using the library?

Yes. Staff and patrons must wear masks appropriately at all times while in the Library. If you cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons we suggest you partake in our Curbside Service. If you need additional services or if you have a question about this policy please contact the Assistant Director at 908-757-1111 x132.

What if I don't have a mask?

A limited number of disposable masks are available, courtesy of the City of Plainfield, for patrons that don't have one. These masks are only for those using the Library's in-person services and are available while supplies last.

Can I bring my child(ren) or a another person(s) to the library with me?

The main Library is only open to the person using the computer or equipment, or browsing the available materials. No children under age 14 will be allowed on the main floor of the library. Please see the Children's Library section above for more information or call 908-757-1111 x129 for assistance.

What if I don't want to come in to the building?

The Library's Curbside Service is available for material pickup, The staff cannot provide copying, faxing, or scanning services for the public at this time.

Can I use the Library's WiFi on my own device inside the building?

Not at this time. In-Library use is limited to the public computers, equipment use, and materials access. There is no space available for patrons to use their own devices at this time. The Library's WiFi does extend to both parking lots, and across Library park for those that need it.

Can I sit at a computer and charge my device, read my book, or wait for someone?

The public computer stations are for computer use only and not for patrons to sit and do other activities (charging, reading, waiting, etc.) Patrons who are not actively using a public computer or one of the other available services will be asked to leave.

Is the Circulation Desk open to give me a new card, sell me an envelope, or provide any other service?

The Circulation Desk is available during all of the Library's regular service hours. Please call 908-757-1111 x111 for assistance. If you feel like there may be a problem with your card, please call BEFORE your visit to resolve any issues.

Will you be able to help me use the computer?

Staff are not able to provide in-person assistance at this time. Staff will be on hand to deal with technical issues but will not be able to do one-on-one instruction or assistance. All in-person services are self-directed at this time.

Can you help me copy/fax/print/scan?

Staff are not able to provide in-person assistance at this time. Staff will be on hand to deal with technical issues but will not be able to do one-on-one instruction or assistance. All in-person services are self-directed at this time.

Can you make change for the copier?

The copiers accept coins and small bills ($1 & $5). Change will only be given for Library related services.

Can you get a book or DVD or audiobook from the main collection for me?

The full collection is now available for browsing and checkout.

What if I don’t have a Plainfield library card or I forgot it?

For computer use the staff will be able to provide you a guest pass and log you in remotely. A Plainfield library card is not required to use the public computers at this time.

To check out materials you will need to have an active library card in our system and either have the physical card or show ID (checkout limits apply). Please contact the Circulation Desk at 908-757-1111 x111 to verify the status of your card before visiting the library if you wish to check out materials.

Can I use the computer for more than two hours if no one is waiting?

Not at this time.

Can I wait for someone or sit and read my book?

Not at this time. The tables and chairs are not available at this time. Library access is limited to specific tasks and when those tasks have been completed, patrons will be expected to leave the building.

Can I use the Microfilm machines?

Not at this time. If you need information from the Library's microfilm collection please contact the Reference Desk at 908-757-1111 x112.

Can I use a study room or a meeting room?

Not at this time. The Library's study and meeting rooms are closed at this time.

Will I be able to use the restrooms?

Yes. The public restrooms are now available. Hand sanitizer will also be available in the lobby.

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